Bad Whores Get Spanked Over Panties In Court

paddled hard

Is there such a thing as good whores? Judge Maureen doesn’t think so. So when they brought a flock of those filthy rent-a-fucks in her court room she got all pumped up to judge against them. After she heard them telling their story she felt like handing out a decent punishment herself instead of throwing them in to her well filled jail. She ordered all of them to come up front, one by one, bend over and undergo her caning. They got spanked over panties, but with the judge’s most rigid cane. They got out easy, but their asses will remember Maureen for a long time.

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Wife Gets A Spanked Ass In Front Of Her Friend

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Jill went shopping with her husband and her friend the other day. The two females went on a shopping spree in the local lingerie store and kept on loading clothes on the counter. Both of them didn’t know how to quit anymore. Jill’s man called her to stop what she was doing, but it didn’t help. She still needed that little green bra and the sexy blue panties. And that was on top of the multiple sets she’d already bought. But enough is enough and her hubby took action. He put his woman over his knee and she got her ass spanked hard, right in front of her friend, who couldn’t believe her eyes.

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Rebel School Girls Get Paddled Hard On Their Juicy Buttocks

paddled hard

Teacher and head mistress Nadia is the fear of the school. She is well known for her hard handed spankings and her love for juicy red buns. She picks out the prettiest girls and forces them in to hard disciplinary punishments. The wooden paddle is her favorite torture weapon and she is carrying it with her all of the time. She wants those young cellulite-free asses to be paddled hard. She gets off by the idea of watching the school yard and knowing which of those little sluts are walking around with sour behinds. This spanking mistress is one to watch out for, but when you’re lucky you’ll get spanked over panties, instead of on your bare bum.

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Spanked In Panties And Nylons

spanked in panties

It’s one thing to get spanked in panties, but it’s another thing to get your bottoms beaten when you’re still wearing nylons. Some spankers don’t give a rat’s ass about that, since all they want to do is start slapping those juicy butt cheeks in front of them. Other’s will pay more attention to that little details, because they’re goal is to get those virgin buns on their knees as red as possible. The nylon won’t keep the ass from glowing, but it is a different sensation. It goes for the victim and for the spanker. We got all sorts inside: spanked over panties or bare bottom. Still wearing nylons or even spanked in jeans and other clothing. Get your kicks out of our huge image gallery collection!

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Soft Pink Panties For More Spanking Pleasure

spanked in panties

The cheerleaders of AshlAr High School wear their cute skimpy outfits with pride. They wear their pink skirts and blue shirt to trainings and to school. The skirts come with matching panties, in a comfortable nice and soft fabric. Wearing those panties has a couple of advantages, especially in a school where corporal punishments are still handed out on a day to day base. The girls get spanked in panties and the cheerleaders have the comfort of that soft fabric protecting their bottoms. Too bad for them it’s only a handful of tutors that will leave that underwear up. It’s drop down time for most.

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Bad Girl Gets A Belt Spanking

spanked over panties

Sexy chick Roxy lies on the bed and is getting a belt spanking from her man. She refused to suck his dick and she certainly wasn’t going to let him enter her pussy. He has been fucking around with her girlfriends and she feels he should get punished for that. Her man is one of the dominant types and he wasn’t to let that happen. He pulled out his hard cock and tried to force her to suck it. When she kept refusing he got real pissed and grabbed his belt to hand out a good belt whipping. Want to see if it got the result he wanted? Click through to find out!

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