Lesbian Punishment Features A Spanked Ass

spanked ass

Not only men get to slap their women’s behinds. Girls will always need to be disciplined, whether they are heterosexual or lesbian. The girls in the sample pic are a good example. The spankee has been a bad girl for days now, refusing to do the dishes. Her partner had enough and verbal management didn’t help. So she pulled her friend near for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking, lesbian style. That babe’s spanked ass turned read instantly, although she is getting spanked in panties. We got a lot more where this came from, so make sure you click the link and get access to our huge spanking vault!

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Naughty Schoolgirl Gets Spanked In Panties

spanked in panties

Caroline didn’t expect to get disciplined for rebellious behavior in the class room. She thought she was being funny, since everyone was laughing. Too bad for her they weren’t laughing at her, but with her. All of them knew that their teacher wasn’t going to let her get away with it. It was just a matter of time before she was going to snap. Caroline got pulled out of her desk, by her ears, and her buttocks were about to feel the rigid leather of her teacher’s belt. She didn’t even have to remove her underwear, the naïve schoolgirl got spanked in panties, but it did hurt just as much.

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Slutty Dressed Bombshell With A Spanked Ass

spanked ass

Lesbian lovers Eve and Jess decided to go out that night. They put on their sluttiest clothes and made reservations in a fancy restaurant. Afterwards they went clubbing in downtown’s most fancy venture. But, as they say, alcohol is the devil, so when Eve got all boozed up her demons got unleashed. She hit up other women and started flirting with men. Her girlfriend couldn’t appreciate that move, but hold on to her anger until they got home. There she put her naughty lover over the knee and she got what she deserved: a spanked ass.

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Babe Gets Spanked Over Panties By Lesbo Cop

spanked over panties

Katia stood waiting at her corner the other day, ready to give her next client the blowjob of his life. It was a good day for her. She’d already served a handful of customers and now she was up for her last one before calling it a day. A good looking girl like her wouldn’t have to wait a long time before someone got around for her. Katia is well known for her skills and she doesn’t mind a fair bit of extreme stuff, like spanking or whipping. When her last client of the day got around she stepped in the car and got paid. When she reached out for her opponent’s pants, she got cuffed from behind. She was surprised, but she never expected it to be a real cop that was arresting her. In the downtown police center she was left in the hands of female cop Brenda, who loves her girls pretty and shaved. She felt like playing judge that night and was about to hand out her personal punishment. Katia was forced to bend over the desk and lift her skirt. The cane felt cold and harsh, but being spanked over panties was still a bit of a comfort. It wouldn’t take much longer before Brenda demanded a bare bottom, though.

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